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Melissa Weaver

Kinesiologist and Reiki Practitioner

Melissa is a holistic, energy-based complementary health practitioner, offering mind-body medicine in the form of kinesiology and reiki. Her focus is preventative medicine: facilitating responsibility for self-health and a mindset of wellbeing in our community.

Melissa looks beyond symptoms to treat the root cause of a health imbalance before it has a chance to progress into further dis-ease.

Having come from a corporate/publicity background that was top-heavy on working hours between which squeezes all else life presents, she understands well the pressures trying to attain work-rest balance and the impact of physical and emotional stress if left unchecked.

Melissa sees clients of all ages for a myriad of issues from physical pain to work-related stress, learning difficulties to spiritual development but one thing that is common to all is the desire to be well, to understand themselves better and to feel whole. She helps clients address issues through kinesiology by connecting thoughts to function and through the deep relaxation of reiki – with the option of sound healing - for nervous system reset.

Family, friends, a certain little terrier, dancing, lifelong study of the Italian language, drawing, gardening and facilitating others to find balance in health, are just some of the things that bring Melissa joy.

If you are curious or looking for the right client/practitioner fit before booking, Melissa offers and recommends a free 15-minute holistic health chat. Looking at your health and wellness from a different angle could be the key to finding your natural balance.


Melissa Weaver