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Dr Miriam is back from Maternity Leave in May!


Time is such a funny concept. I know it’s cliché, but wow how the last seven months have flown by. After finishing up at Flourish in mid September 2015, Harpa finally arrived on the 8th of October. She was a little later than expected and I have a feeling that she will continue doing everything in her own time. We were planning on having a home birth, right up until three days before she was born.

The house, my midwife, Andy and I were all prepared, however on the Monday before Harpa arrived I was told that I wouldn’t be able to have her at home. After a very long and ‘interesting’ labour, our beautiful girl was born. It is amazing how you can prepare and prepare, and envisage how you would like it all to go, but sometimes it is completely out of our control. It was very difficult time, however it needed to go the way it did and it has taught me a lot. It is amazing how someone so little can teach you so much!!

As a few of you were aware, my husband and I were doing some minor renovations (new kitchen, polished floor boards, paint etc) on our new home, which started last August and I was quietly optimist that it would all be done before Harpa arrived. Obviously I had never done any home renovations before, because the kitchen bench tops arrived the morning after she was born and the grouting has yet to be finished!!! Although there are a few final touches that need completing, it is interesting how I would have once found these details very frustrating, but now am able to not concern myself with them as I go about my day. It may be a shift in perspective or that I literally don’t have the time to worry!! I often wonder what I did with all my time before she arrived.

Harpa, Andy and myself had a beautiful Christmas and New Year with family and friends, popping down the coast numerous times, jumping through the waves, doing lots of DIY projects around the home, many walks with the pram and a few interrupted nights sleep!!!!

I look forward to starting back at work at Flourish in early May and seeing you all. I’ll be working Tuesday mornings and afternoons, as well as Friday afternoons.

See you soon,

Love Miriam x