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Massage during labour

Labour preparation for Women and their birth partner

A labour preparation class is a beautiful way to explore with your birth partner ways that you can be supported leading up to and during labour. It has been known for over thirty years that “the presence and involvement of partners who touch the women during labor have been significantly correlated with less need for drugs, shorter labor, fewer perinatal problems and more optimal maternal interactions” (Sosa 1980). During the workshop or session you and your birth partner will learn techniques that can be applied during pregnancy, pain relief technique during labour, points that may assist with labour progresses, and visualisation and breathing techniques that will assist in reducing stress. Labour preparation classes encourage open communication between you and your birth partner in a safe space. Where you can discuss your desires and needs openly, and find an approach together that will allow for the mother to be lovingly supported by her partner as they bring a child into this world together.

These workshops are run by Amy Simpson and can be done privately or in small groups of 3. They are very cost effective and a great way to assist your partner through labour.