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Care for a lifetime

Our team is passionate about supporting health for people of all ages – from preconception through to old age.


If you’re planning a baby, you probably want to make sure your body is at its peak, physically, chemically and emotionally. Our chiropractic practitioners have completed further training in fertility to assist couples with their preconception health and can also advise you on nutritional support and exercise in the lead up to your planned pregnancy.

Pregnancy care

We have a special interest in pregnancy care and have completed further training to ensure you receive effective care throughout this amazing time. Our practice is also set up with specialised, comfortable equipment that supports your growing belly. If you have other children, they are welcome in our play area while you relax and have your adjustment.

The body experiences many changes during the three trimesters of pregnancy:

  • As your belly grows, your posture and centre of gravity change.
  • Your gait changes to accommodate your beautiful belly. This may lead to stress on the joints, ligaments and muscles of the spine and pelvis, particularly for women who have had one or more children already. For some women this can result in pain and discomfort in the spine and pelvic regions.
  • Hormone levels fluctuate during pregnancy, which affects ligament flexibility.
  • The uterus expands and, as your belly grows, this places strain on your lower back and pelvis.
  • Many women also experience a forward and downward pull on the abdomen later in pregnancy as the baby grows.

Complementary health care during pregnancy may assist in maintaining normal function of your spine, pelvis, muscles and ligaments. This helps your body to balance as you change throughout the three trimesters leading up to birth. We know how important that is because most of the practitioners at Flourish are parents of thriving children.

Family care

We are passionate about serving the flourishing families in our community. Chiropractic is suitable for every age and gives everyone the opportunity to enhance their health. Many of our clients combine chiropractic with one of our other wellbeing modalities.

We offer special family rates to ensure regular care is affordable for the whole family.