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Acupuncture & fertility

Acupuncture and Women’s health & Couples fertility

Acupuncture has an innate ability to address hormonal irregularities and rectify the discomfort or even the absence of a regular menstrual cycle. Through weekly treatments over a month, I will be able to assess your hormonal fluctuations and assist and redirect the body into a more rhythmic and regular patterning.

This has wider implications when conceiving a family is a consideration, or if other symptomology of migraines or fatigue are involved on a monthly basis. Regulating a cycle and addressing the ebbs and flows of hormonal fluctuations, be it at the beginning of menstruation or through menopause, acupuncture can be an effective means of managing and rectifying the imbalance.

Couple’s Fertility & Acupuncture

Acupuncture is becoming well known for its effective influence on attaining conception. It gains this reputation for several reasons. Extensive studies have been conducted to assess the influence of acupuncture on conception rates, especially in the field of ART/ IVF support.

Acupuncture can strongly influence hormonal regulation, and thereby assist when it is the smallest or grandest of discrepancies that maybe preventing conception. Regulating the menstrual cycle and assisting a woman to understand her cycle and fertile periods can have an enormous influence on her success rate. Enabling the body to relax and relieve stresses within her/his system (whether it be digestive, musculoskeletal, emotional etc) can have a profound influence on one’s success to become a parent.

And its not just for first time conceptions – acupuncture’s ability to regulate and regain a balance within the body plays a significant role with those that have conceived before and are having difficulty falling pregnant again, due to a large hormonal shift, or just the additional stresses put on the system when a little person is in the world already.