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Acupuncture and pregnancy/post natal care

Pregnancy and post natal care and how acupuncture can help

Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for conditions sometimes induced by pregnancy, or conditions that are sometimes exacerbated by the growth of a little being inside you. Not only is it a therapy that can help to relieve the pains and discomforts through the back and pelvis, it can be used for recurrent thrush, gestational diabetes, nausea / morning sickness, headaches, sleep disruption, anxiety, or delayed labour. It is often used throughout pregnancy to ensure the development and gestation of the child keeps on track and can assist to induce labour should things be going on a little too long. Acupuncture has a technique to assist in rectifying a breech presentation at around 32-36 weeks. And for the period after the birth, acupuncture can assist in the coming in of breast milk and proficient lactation, body recovery and possible prevention of post natal depression (PND).