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Micronutrient Vegie Juice


This amazing juice is a flourish favourite, especially during detox time!

We always try and get our kids to name our juices – “Princess Power Juice” or  “Zombie blood juice” have been touted for this one! Sneaky mothers also add other nutrients to the juices – liquid zinc, powders, etc …it’s all in the name!!  Try a fancy straw to avoid the taste buds at the front of the tongue if you find the taste a little challenging!

2 Carrots

1 Beetroot

A handful of Kale leaves

A handful of Spinach leaves

2 Celery stalks

Lemon (with Skin optional)


Turmeric & Ginger (Fresh if possible)

Add ½ an Apple to Sweeten if required – handy tip with kids is to gradually reduce the amount of apple in the juice!