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The Benefits of NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT)

NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) is a corrective movement system that focuses on movement and motor control. Motor control is the way our conscious movement commands are refined and executed so we can interact with the world around us. All forms of movement pass through the motor control centre of the brain for refinement and execution. For example, sitting upright, running, jumping and throwing.

NKT uses a form of manual muscle testing to assess movement patterns and identify deficiencies and weaknesses in motor control. This can make it a very active approach, depending on your individual needs and where you are on your journey. Soft tissue techniques such as massage, mobilising and stretching are combined with gentle muscle activations to challenge your body to regain the missing motor control. A brief but specific home corrective program will be given to further enhance the corrections.

Movement comes from our muscles, which is where the majority of NKT focuses but sometimes the problem comes from another part of the body such as ligaments, joints, fascia, scars and even abnormal eye movements.

As one of only a small handful of top level certified NKT practitioners (and one of its earliest adopters) in Australia, Nathan combines NKT with his Remedial massage qualifications to offer a unique and holistic approach to client management. Nathan is an NKT teaching assistant, study group leader, tutor, mentor and assessor for NKT certification for current students.