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What are Salicylates, Amines and Glutamates?


  • Are a family of plant chemicals found naturally in many fruit and vegetables, nuts, herbs, spices, jams, honey, yeast extracts, tea, juices, beers and wines.
  • Salicylates are chemicals that act as plants natural defence against pests.
  • Levels are higher in unripe fruits and decrease with ripening
  • Also found in flavourings (peppermint), perfumes, scented toiletries, toothpaste, eucalyptus oil and some medications
  • Asprin is a member of the salicylate family.


  • Are derived from the breakdown of protein or from fermentation
  • Large amounts are found in cheese, ripe bananas, dark chocolate, yeast extracts, beer, wine and fish
  • Certain fruit and vegetables also contain amines


  • Glutamate are neuro excitatory
  • Glutamates are the building block of all protein (eg amino acid)
  • In its free form (ie not protein) it enhances the flavour of food
  • Natural glutamate is found in tomato, cheese (parmesan), mushrooms and sauces
  • MSG (mono sodium glutamate) is an additive that increases the flavour in soups, sauces, asian cooking and snack food.

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