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All About Trudi

My journey to Flourish

Our family chiropractor kept my body aligned through my teenage years. I suffered from headache as a teen and regular monthly adjustments kept them at bay. I remember sitting with our chiropractor as he explained the relationship between the nervous system, my neck and the cause of my headache. We were looking at my nana’s x-rays, my mum’s x-rays and the x-ray of my neck. We all had the same posture of our cervical spine, which was attributing to our headaches. Got to love epigenetics! As a flautist, the posture required for me to play the flute involved my arms across and out to the right of my body with my head slightly tilted. I was pretty slack about correct posture and so the monthly visits helped me enormously. I had completed my work experience with a paediatrician and decided then and there that I wanted to help children maintain optimal health through prevention rather than waiting for symptoms (like headaches) to occur. Chiropractic was my calling …eventually!

In January 1998, I had my entrance into the Phillip Institute of Technology Chiropractic course in my left hand and my letter inviting me to O’Week at Ormond College at Melbourne University in the other. As a 17 year old I chose to study Music Therapy at The University of Melbourne, majoring in honours performance (Flute). I completed my studies as a Music Therapist in 1992 and then set off around the world for an adventure!  I completed a five year double degree in chiropractic and clinical sciences from RMIT in 1998. Throughout this time I studied various forms of chiropractic technique. SOT resonated with me as a gentle, holistic and all encompassing chiropractic technique. We did not learn organ reflex techniques and cranial adjusting at university. I have been studying SOT since 1994 and completed my basic and advanced certification in 2010. I am now internationally certified to teach other chiropractors and chiropractic students at SOT conferences.

I have practised chiropractic in Ballarat and Hampton and locumed around Australia prior to setting up my own practice in my garden studio in 2006 while pregnant with my fourth baby. I have been so fortunate to practice from home while my four children were little. They are often in the practice looking after the many children that come and get adjusted.

I have a special interest in paediatric, neuro-developmental and obstetric chiropractic, family health, functional neurology and clinical nutrition. I have furthered my studies in these areas by attending numerous conferences over the years. I completed 300 hours of functional neurology studies with the Carrick Institute in May 2013. I am very excited to incorporate this knowledge into my practice – especially with children.

My greatest achievements though, are my four incredible children. I am charting new waters as we enter teenage years with our boys at high school and the girls in upper primary. Those early years just fly by…

I welcome you to Flourish – family chiropractic & wellbeing. May your journey toward optimal health and wellbeing begin.